April 13 Crawl & Featured Artist: Rich Seiling

Rich Seiling – Aspen Symphony

The Boro Art Crawl kicked off 2018 with the Year of the Dog theme in February. It was a great start to the New Year with our pet theme artists and animal foundations supporting the arts in the community! Despite the crazy weather we have been having, spring is right around the corner! Art is all around us, especially found in nature. We also tend to forget the beauty within ourselves. This April, we are focusing on the beauty of our Mother Earth, and all things women!

I decided to focus on exposing photography for this blog. A photo captures a moment in time and turns that moment into a work of art that can be cherished forever. This month’s featured artist is local photographer, Rich Seiling who finds the beauty all around us. In a world filled with technology, filters, and enhancements, Rich captures some of the little things around nature that we tend to overlook in our busy life. He prefers not to use computers to make art, as this feels “unnatural” to him.

His work was inspiring to me as an artist, and after viewing some of his pieces, I found myself walking slower outside over the weekend. I noticed little detail in flowers, textures on tree branches, and brush strokes in the sky. Rich Seiling’s photography will have you appreciating the natural art around you as he captures all of the small things with a big impact.

When asked what inspires him, part of Rich’s response was “Photography also serves as a way for me to make sense of the world, to process and share what I see, what I feel, and what I experience. Like all art, photography is a means of communication, a way of having a dialog between the photographer and the viewer.” What is also great about Rich, is that his artwork is actually his full time profession. In an industry that can be very competitive, I asked Rich what has been his challenges as an artist: “Not letting the perfect be the enemy of the good. By nature I’m a perfectionist, but that desire for perfection has many times got in the way of the bigger picture. Perfection isn’t measurable in art like it is in say math, and there are many times I didn’t do something that would have been very good because it didn’t meet my ideas of what it should be. A bit of perfectionist is necessary to making quality work, but putting it in its right place can be hard. Age, being a cancer survivor, and wisdom have helped me get a better perspective on that.” You can see his passion in his photos and his love for travel, as he wishes to pursue exploring more places over time and his photography grow as he shares it with the world. Come out to the art crawl and find Rich Seiling’s work or check him out on richardseiling.com. You can also find Rich on Instagram and Facebook.

Rich Seiling – Solitudes of Snow

As we remember to love what is around us, it is also important to remember to love others and ourselves. As you make your way around the crawl, be sure to check out some inspiring photos from a photographic series called “These Hands” by Scott Walker. The images depicted also share a short story of recovery and freedom from domestic violence victims. This project is brought to you by The Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Center in Murfreesboro, TN. The center provides free services to anyone in need, such as 24/7 emergency shelter, crisis hotline, counseling, and sexual and court advocacy and encourage people to stand strong and come forward for protection and empowerment.

I have a background in art therapy and counseling, and my reactions to these photos were sincere and struck my heart. They told a bigger story to me, even before I read the captions below the photos. As I viewed the photos from “These Hands” it made me remember to be kind to everyone I meet. You never know what someone is going home to or what someone is battling. You could be the very person that saves their life with a simple smile and “Hello! How are you today?” to help them remember there are still people that care and willing to hear them. These people are everyday people that could be your sister, mother or neighbor. You can get more info at https://dvpshelter.org to reach out for help, volunteer or donate and look for these photos as well as Rich Seiling’s work at the Art Crawl April 13th from 6-9pm on the Square in the Boro.

-written by Selina Hyzer