February 9 Crawl & Featured Artist: Erin Hartfield

Erin Hartfield – American Staffordshire Terrier

Happy New Year, everyone! We are starting off the year with some important news for the February crawl. The news will also now include a “featured artist” article! This will help the community get to know more of a background from the artists’ viewpoint.

First of all, The Boro Art Crawl is bringing in 2018 with the Year of the Dog! The characteristic word associated with this Chinese zodiac sign is “action” so we thought we’d take action by having our very first crawl for 2018 themed around pets!

Come check out a small art workshop with Beesley Animal Foundation at Vibe Nutrition during the Boro Art Crawl. Katie Peachy will have tables set up with all the materials needed so guests can get hands-on with either paw prints (for cat or dog lovers) or Year of the Dog prints. They can personalize the prints with paints and be as creative as they want. One of the greatest thing about Beesley Animal Clinic is the love the staff has for animals. They encourage pet owners to spay/ neuter cats and dogs to reduce the overpopulation of pets while helping keep them healthy with the services they provide in the Clinic. Through their Education Program, the staff seek to educate the community about responsible pet care. They also offer a Financial Aid Program that helps offset surgery costs at BAC for those unable to afford them and they also have an Outreach Program that helps the under served with vaccinations and pet food. Katie’s duties include coordinating volunteers for Beesley programs and events, and organizing fundraisers. She is very passionate in helping others learn to care for the pet population in the community, so feel free to ask her any questions about the Foundation while creating your art at the workshop.

Be sure while attending the crawl, to also stop in Let’s Make Wine to learn more about Purple Paws! Purple Paws is an organization that hosts events for domestic, or wild animals in need of any assistance. I myself have lost two wonderful dogs in the last year, so whether you are able to volunteer, donate, or adopt, anything would be appreciated to spread the love of animals through Purple Paws and help animals in need.

We all love our pets. They become part of our family. Regardless of what kind of pet you may have, they love us unconditionally, and put smiles on our faces when we have a stressful day. Although they cannot technically speak to us, we communicate with them by body language, tones and facial expressions. One local pet artist has been able to capture those expressions and moments through her pet portraits. While a photograph of your pet is great, a portrait adds a more personal touch.

Featured Artist Bio: Erin Hartsfield

Erin Hartsfield – Yorkshire Terrier

Erin Hartsfield is originally from Loretto, TN, and now currently lives in Murfreesboro, TN. Erin is an assistant program coordinator for Parks and Recreation at Bradley Academy Museum. She spends most of her free time with her husband, and her two dogs, and Erin’s love of animal’s shows through her artwork. She mostly creates colored pencil pet portraits. Erin started painting pet portraits as gifts for friends and family. Erin attended MTSU, where she took drawing and color classes that enhanced her skills that she applies to her art today.

I asked Erin how she usually starts her process when working on a pet portrait. “My art is mostly replicating a face and then adjusting angles and backgrounds to make the portrait more aesthetically pleasing. My process starts with observing a digital image, and drawing a basic sketch. My favorite part of a portrait is the eyes. That is really where the character comes through. I make sure to make that my main focus when creating a portrait. Once the eyes are drawn correctly I move on to color.” Erin says.

Erin’s purpose for creating portraits is giving a pet lover original artwork that captures their pets image, as well as the bond between them. Be sure to check out her work on Facebook and visit her website.

We hope to have a good turnout for the first Boro Art Crawl for 2018! Be sure to bundle up if it’s cold! Come take a walk around the Murfreesboro square to support our local artwork, animal foundations and rescue services on February 9th from 6pm to 9pm!

-Written by Selina Hyzer