Curated Artists – April

The Boro Art Crawl curates art for all of the Businesses listed on the Participating Spaces page!

Artists for the April 14 crawl are:


Ashley Wilkerson









Bella’s Boutique – Ashley Wilkerson


Donna Binkley - Backyard_Buddies









Donna Binkley




Ginny Togrye - Sculptural_Painting_Dancer_with_Fanned_Dress









The Boutique at Studio C – Ginny Togrye


Phil Wagner_Shift









Phil Wagner


Sandy Claibourne - Love Birds









Sandy Claibourne










Steven Gavel




Angela White - Acrylic and Resin on Wood Pane







Dreamingincolor – Angela White


Jennifer Jones - Golden Acrylic









Jennifer Jones




LEAH BOORSE - Paint the Town








Earth Experience – Leah Boorse


Toni Tipps - Love in the Air







Toni Tipps




Kenneth McEastland - Caress









Funtiques – Kenneth McEastland


Kennise McEastland - Room with a View









Kennise McEastland




Christa Cruikshank - 5_pairs_of_Chucks







The Gavel – Christa Cruikshank


Meghan Kreger - Aloe









Meghan Kreger




Larry Kinney - Indian Blue Boy







The Green Dragon Public House – Larry Kinney




Cesar Pita - 21







L&L Contractors – Cesar Pita


Jacob Yandle - If_I_Were_A_Painter









Jacob Yandle


Jonathan Garner - Rift








Jonathan Garner



Cody Hale - Geisha in Red









Let’s Make Wine – Cody Hale


Cynthia Sullivan - Maybe









Cynthia Sullivan


Ron DePew - Purple Heart, Cherry, and Walnut









Ron DePew


Sydney Ray - Ring









Sydney Ray




Emily Amick - Lost






Liquid Smoke – Emily Amick


Vanessa Macias - do you see me









Vanessa Macias


Wendy Reed - Buon Appetito








Wendy Reed




becky dickovitch -









Quinn’s Mercantile – Becky Dickovitch


Chelsea Hilton - Muddy Waters









Chelsea Hilton




Susan Denton









Simply Pure Sweets – Susan Denton


Taylor Hardaway - Mom_Making_Pancakes









Taylor Hardaway




Selina Hyzer - The Traveler









Sugaree’s – Selina Hyzer


Steph Barnes - Love Etched Leather Cuff









Steph Barnes




Nicole Zelenak - The High Priestess









Trendy Pieces – Nicole Zelenek




Beth Moore - Celestial









VNTG Inc. – Beth Moore


Liz Kelly Zook - Lucille Ball





Liz Kelly Zook




Anna Wise - Untitled









The Write Impression – Anna Wise


Wesley Blissard10







Art Students of Stewarts Creek High School


Diane Marsella - Whose_reality









Diane Marsella