Curated Artists – August 11

The Boro Art Crawl curates art for all of the Businesses listed on the Participating Spaces page!  Also, please be sure to check out our Facebook page for more info on the artists.

Artists for the August 11 crawl are:







Bella’s Boutique – Susan Denton







Jonathan Garner







Michelle Garner







The Boutique at Studio C – Mike Barbieri







Sandy Claiborne







Angela Loupe







Lindsay Phillips Sebastian







Royce Vaughn







Concert Productions – Samantha Collier







Beth Moore







Dreamingincolor – Reba Hinkle







Laura Neal







Earth Experience – Amanda Crawford Brown







Steven Gavel







David Morel







Will Shumm







Jacob Yandle







Funtiques – Suzanne LeBeau







John Pernestti







Nicole Zelenak







The Green Dragon – Cassandra Colley







Becky Dikovitch







Vanessa Macias







Let’s Make Wine – Grant Cooley







Sherry Jackson







William Slinkard







Simply Pure Sweets – Pam Brown







David Collier







Stephanie Recher







Stephen Young







Trendy Pieces – Joe Corrozzo







Ron DePew







Diane Marsella







The Write Impression – Debby Shultz







Katie Struk