Curated Artists – October 2016

Curated Artists for the October 14 Boro Art Crawl (6-9pm)

Cultivate Coworking – Liz Kelly Zook, Rachel Sloan, Ron DePew Woodworking


Liz Kelly Zook

Liz Kelly Zook started drawing at a very young age, but has no formal arts education. She took on painting as a career in 2009 when her husband encouraged her to quit her job and paint.

Zook’s art is a mix between Pop and Illustrative art. She uses a lot of bright colors and is inspired by pop culture, comic books and anything that makes her laugh.


Rachel Sloan

Rachel Sloan is a self-taught artist who works with a variety of media including watercolor, acrylic, and ink. She is inspired by the cosmos, gaia, and architecture with subjects ranging from galaxies to fruit to local landmarks. She can paint anything she can see and is always exploring new creative avenues and subjects.


Ron DePew Woodworking

I am a passionate woodworker with an eye for detail. I reside in Murfreesboro, TN with my wife March and our three children Ronnie, Elise & Callie. I’ve been actively woodworking for the past 3.5 years making tables, bookcases, benches & most recently cutting boards

Dreamingincolor – Linda Watson, Valerie Breshears


Linda Watson

Linda is a product of Middle Tennessee where she has lived all of her life. She attended Middle Tennessee State University as a Fine Arts Major and has been involved with art all her life. American Impressionism is her style with emphasis on pregnant women and angels along with commission works for weddings. As a child her Mother would buy rolls of butcher paper for her to draw and paint on. Over the years she has evolved to doing oil paints, acrylics and watercolor. You may know her as a decorator for new homes and for her floral designs at many Middle Tennessee weddings. She now has her daughter and granddaughter helping with these endeavors. Creativity is in her genes, everyone in her family has some kind of creative ability. God has played a big part of her life, he is the one that gave her talent, vision and a sense of whimsy. She lives and paints with enthusiasm and fun. This is how she lives and sees her life, whimsical happy and a servant to others. She doesn’t take her art seriously, she has a passion for it. You can be an artist if you look at life with a different perspective. Enjoy life, have fun.


Valerie Breshears

I am a single mom to a beautiful 6 month old boy. I have been painting and crafting my whole life and wanted to try to display some of my art publicly finally. I use acrylic paints and markers, I make jewelry, and make postcards. I collect four leaved clovers I like to incorporate and use recycled cardboard for my paintings instead of canvas.

Earth Experience – Beth Moore, Bruce Frazier, Ella May Owen, Jessica Hayes, S.M. Teal, Stephen Young


Beth Moore

I am an encaustic and assemblage artist. I graduated from MTSU with an Art Education degree and am currently teaching art in public schools and private lessons. I began showing and selling my work in early 2015 and have since participated in a number of shows and festivals in the Middle Tennessee area.


Bruce Frazier

I have always loved drawing cartoonish characters, entertaining (or possibly annoying) friends and family with silly drawings since Middle School. Although guitar playing took over during my high school and college years and somewhat thereafter, I continued with the cartoons in the background. I am currently in the midst of creating a comic strip, and some of the pictures I am submitting are characters whom I plan on incorporating into the strip. The pictures were drawn on a PC using Paint program and an HP Photo program.


Ella May Owen

I like art, geology, and scuba diving with sharks.


Jessica Hayes

abstract acrylic canvas painter
just wanna create chaos in color


S.M. Teal

S.M. Teal is an Appalachian artist interested in the Irish-Scots fairy and folk tales of the Southern mountains, and all the dark, misty images they evoke. The artist coaxes out the figures lurking in those unseen places, the Wicked Little Beasties, and imagines them into a clay polymer, hardens them by fire, then paints them; each with their own personality. Each Beastie has a name and a story. When a Beastie chooses a person to follow home, the Beastie shares its name and story with them–and only them, for every Beastie is one of a kind. Glaudy Gnoma, the keeper of the Wicked Little Beasties, attends to them when they are in public to ensure they don’t get out of hand. Glaudy, the eccentric keeper, understands their nature. The artist trusts Glaudy to handle them in her absence. Beasties are not to be underestimated, and are not the fluffy creatures of sugar plum dreams. These are the shadows seen out of the corner of your eye, the sound under the bed at night, the thing you hear when you swear someone has just called your name. Blending story, sculpture, and performance art, this artist reveals a world of mystery and cunning already among us.


Stephen Young

Born in Nashville and raised in middle Tennessee Stephen earned pocket money as a pre-teen creating and selling his home made comic books to his fellow students at school. Later in high school he was hand picked by his art teacher as a political cartoonist for the local weekly news paper. His last entry depicted Knox Ridley twin brother of Sam Ridley the Smyrna Mayor at the time on a Florida beach…The Mayor subsequently had him fired from the paper and ended his “career”. “It was just a picture with no name…I must’ve struck a nerve!” Now almost 38 years later I’m still defiant with my art, refusing to pick a “style” and stick with it. I paint what makes me happy as well as what others commission me to do. If something is telling me a story, I paint it…

FunTiques – Debby Shultz, Kevin Wurm, Sarah Clark


Debby Shultz

I have always been artistic as far back as I can remember. Then life happened. Married, 7 children, 7 grandchildren. Everyone is grown up. Now that I have some free time, I really wanted to start painting again. So here I am.


Kevin Wurm

Born Murfreesboro, Tennessee, I am the oldest of Nine grandchildren. Why is that relevant? Ever since I was born, photographs have been taken of me. Therefore, a camera has always been in close proximity. This is the epicenter of my passion for photography. Photography for me is not a hobby, nor am I a photographer. I am an artist whose medium happens to be a camera; all the while enjoying life with the obsession of aesthetics, compostion, and contrast.


Sarah Clark

As an editor and writer, I always thought that I “wasn’t artistic” or “wasn’t visual.” Letterpress lets me combine my joy in words with a visual form that makes sense to me. I love the way having a limited set of physical letters, numbers, and images shapes what a letterpress shop can produce. Through printing, I find new meaning in each word and line.

Printing the one thing I do that takes me completely away from my to-do list and lets me lose myself in the moment. I print the words and poems that speak to me, that have stayed with me, or that inspired my love of words in the first place. All of my pieces are designed, set, and printed by hand in a limited run.

The Green Dragon – AJ Devlin, Heaven Morrow


AJ Devlin


Heaven Morrow

I am a 23 year old student of biology at MTSU with a special interest in evolution and ecology currently working at South Branch Tree Nursery and Animal City Pet Store. Hopefully, I will soon begin a career in wildlife conservation research. I am also a writer and an artist. Science may be my major, however, I have to admit that the English and art classes I have taken at MTSU have by far been my favorites. When I created each of the pieces I have submitted for the art crawl, I had no intention of ever showcasing them so some of them are a bit personal to me, however, I think art made under the impression that no one else will ever see it typically turn out to be the most genuine and interesting pieces. My favorite tool of the trade is copic marker (the markers made in japan used by most professional mangaka due to their unique ability to look and behave like water colors but with all the precision of a marker), however, many of the pieces I have submitted are of mixed media, including: calligraphy pen and ink, charcoal, graphite, ball point pen, paint, and copic markers.

L&L Contractors – Charlie Hobbs, Don “Vos” Owens


Charlie Hobbs

Recycling artist mainly metal works


Don “Vos” Owens

Born and raised in the midwest,6 years USMC and moved to Tennessee in 1994. moved to Murfreesboro in 2001.

In the 15 years living here I have found so many things to photograph here. For any artist the is an absolute wealth of beauty to work with here.

Let’s Make Wine – Kenneth McEastland, Leah Boorse, Phil Wagner


Kenneth McEastland

Local Murfreesboro Artist with a background in graphic design, Has been drawing every since he could remember. Through out his career he was trained in multiple mediums, but he has always felt at home with just pencil and paper.


Leah Boorse

Since I’m a third generation artist art is something I have been exposed to from a very early age and my passion. My mother was my first art teacher and always encouraged me to be creative. She is an amazing artist and my biggest inspiration.

I love drawing people because I’m capturing more than just the image in front of me. I strive to make their emotions thoughts and feelings come to life on paper.

For near two decades, people from across the USA commissioned me to draw and paint murals of loved ones, friends, animals, planes, cars, and more. My work is in public and private collections, including Beechcraft Heritage Museum in Tullahoma, TN. Kona Wine Market in Kailua-Kona, Hi. and restaurants in Texas, Tennessee, and Hawaii.


Phil Wagner

I am a self-taught abstract artist living in Murfreesboro, TN. I am 44 years old and I started painting 4 years ago. I hope one day, to support myself solely through my art.

Quinn’s Mercantile – Becky Dickovitch, Lynn Anthony, Suzanne LeBeau


Becky Dickovitch

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting from Middle Tennessee State University, and I’ve been working with encaustic and fibers for more than 7 years. I’ve had the privilege of being a studio assistant at Penland School of Craft in Penland, NC and at Arrowmont School of Art and Craft in Gatlinburg, TN. I’ve also been an instructor assistant at Arrowmont on several occasions.


Lynn Anthony

I have lived in Middle TN since 1981. Spent first 33 years in Murfreesboro. A 1986 Riverdale graduate. Attended MTSU. Currently resides on a small piece of Heaven in Noah, TN.
Along with art, I enjoy my family, good wine, long conversations and simple life on our mini farm.


Suzanne LeBeau

I have been doing a variety of art pieces for the past five years. I still have not settled into a particular genre, although I really like abstracts and experimental art with upcycled items. I also do plein air works in oils, as well as watercolor pieces. I have been a photographer since the mid 80’s, too.

This summer, I spent 23 days camping and painting my way across the lower portion of the United States. I completed 9 “plein air” pieces, most of which are in oils.

One of my upcycled pieces, “Poppy Field,” has been chosen to be included in Northlight Books “Incite 4: Relax, Restore, Renew,” which will come out in Sept 2016. In 2015, my painting, “The Rose” won first place in acrylic florals in the Oktoberfest art competition in Lebanon, TN. I have been chosen the “artist of the month” at the LInebaugh Library six times, and have shown my works at Jerry’s Artarama, businesses in the Smyrna area, the Center for the Arts, and the Murfreesboro City Hall Rotunda, as well as a boutique in Berry Hill in smART.

I have taken workshops and classes from internationally known artists, such as: Patti Brady, Phil Garrett, Johannes Vloothuis, Tom Jones and Michele Theberge as well as local teachers: Gayle Levee, Missy Veazie, and Carol Curtis. I also participate in online artist’s communities.

I have had articles published in Murfreesboro Parent Magazine and the Murfreesboro Post (online edition.) I am currently the corresponding secretary for the Murfreesboro Art League, where I handle the online activity, as well as the mailed post. By day, I am an educational assistant in a special needs classroom. I also tutor art students. I sometimes teach art classes at the Murfreesboro Art League and run the summer kids’ camps.

You can view more of my works at, or view my Facebook page at

Simply Pure Sweets – Nichole McVeigh


Nichole McVeigh

Nichole McVeigh is one-half of Lucent Vignette Photography. Nichole and her husband, Dole, have a fine art portrait photography business in Middle Tennessee, and she finds herself being drawn more and more towards all things food. This series, in particular, was photographed at Simply Pure Sweets.

Sugaree’s – Alexis Grigsby, Desiré Hough


Alexis Grigsby

A girl who paints in admiration of the world’s hidden cuteness. Born and raised Tennessee honey.


Desiré Hough

Desiré Hough grew up in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania observing her grandmother paint surreal versions of local architecture. She started formal art instruction with traditional black-and-white photography at Earlham College (Richmond, IN) and then continued studying studio art, focusing on painting and sculpture at Vanderbilt University (Nashville, TN) where she received her BA in May of 2014. Currently she works on mixed-media sculptures and collages at her studio at the Ground Floor Gallery in Nashville. She has worked professionally as a scenic fabricator where she has produced work for museums nationwide. Hough has exhibited work in nine different states.

The Write Impression – Sierra Simmons, Tabitha West


Sierra Simmons

Born and raised in Northwest Tennessee, my creative talents started developing in the small town of Kenton. I attended a few semesters at Murray State University and University of Tennessee at Martin pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. I’ve been living in Nashville for 3 wonderful years. Only recently have I turned back to my creative roots. Current project is teaching myself how to paint with oils.

I have a diagnosis of Crohn’s Disease, which endangers my ability to work a normal 9-5. Those times can be tough and stressful. I have a goal of no longer needing to worry about my disability because my work will be an outlet and a means to provide. My work is to inspire those around me. I want to uplift and cast light into the hearts of my fellow brothers and sisters by showing the beauty and bright color in everything that surrounds us.


Tabitha West

Tabitha Paige West was born on December 26, 2003. At the age of 1½ she was diagnosed with a not-so-rare genetic syndrome called 1p36 Deletion Syndrome. At that time, we were told that only 41 cases existed in the United States. Now, our social community has almost 1000 members! Tabitha has faced many handicaps with this syndrome, including being unable to sit, walk, and talk, although she has found many ways to communicate with others. One of those ways, is painting. Painting is something that Tabitha has been doing with her bare hands since the age of 2. Just give her a canvas and paint, and leave the rest up to her!

Tabitha’s achievements have been featured in many publications. She annually participates in the Creative Expressions art exhibit featured at the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center. We were told that she was the youngest artist to ever participate in her first year back when she was 4 years old! She is a participant in the annual Breaking Ground Arts Issue, as well.

Tabitha has also won awards in the Expressions of Courage Art Contest for People with Epilepsy. Her work was published by the Epilepsy Foundation in a calendar and a book!

Tabitha is always looking for new opportunities to showcase her work and to show everyone that no matter what your abilities or disabilities are-there is always a way to express yourself with paint!